Subaru Impreza STi Widetrack with PPP (2005)


  • Completely standard with the exception of the H&S back box.
  • 98700 Miles
  • No Rust
  • 5+ Owners
  • Full Service History
  • MOT OCT 2024
  • Michelin PS4 all round


One of the very last UK STi widetracks with the bombproof 2.0 engine. This car comes the PPP (Prodrive Performance Pack) which lifts the power to over 300 BHP and 405nM torque.

Finding one of these cars that hasn’t been messed with or  isn’t rotten is becoming increasingly difficult and before purchasing this car I’d seen a few that looked good on the outside but not so great underneath. Fortunately one of the early owners of this car had the foresight to seal the underneath so it doesn’t have any rust in the usual places.

The driving experience is completely analogue and the car pulls like a train.  A guaranteed classic.

Service History/Maintenance

Service History

30/06/2005 – Vehicle Registered
10/06/2006 – 5996 Miles – Subaru Ayr
09/06/2007 – 13609 Miles – Subaru Ayr
25/06/2008 – 20663 Miles – Independent Specialist
14/05/2009 – 26327 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
25/03/2010 – 33305 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
10/03/2011 – 39590 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
13/03/2012 – 43628 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
24/06/2013 – 48222 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
18/06/2014 – 49972 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
20/08/2015 – 56513 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
28/10/2016 – 69782 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
17/11/2017 – 80492 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
23/10/2018 – 85966 Miles – Subaru Aylesbury
03/10/2019 – 89892 Miles – 247 Auto Repairs Whitchurch

09/10/2020 – 96746 Miles – Adgespeed Subaru Specialist Irlam

04/10/2021 – 98262 Miles – Adgespeed Subaru Specialist Irlam

10/10/2022 – 98656 Miles – Adgespeed Subaru Specialist Irlam*

29/09/2023 – 99322 Miles – Scoobyclinic Chesterfield


Cambelt Change

25/3/2010 33305 miles
20/8/2015 56513 miles
23/10/2018 85966 miles
17/02/2020 92464 miles

Other Maintenance

Spark plugs replaced
Gearbox and differential oil replaced
Coolant flush
Replace fuel pump

Ignition coils replaced
Rear silencer replaced

OEM STi PPP downpipe and CAT replaced

Cambelt replaced
Camshaft sensor replaced
Crankshaft sensor replaced

Front Struts and springs replaced with new OEM Parts
Rear Struts and springs replaced with new OEM Parts
Front and rear top mounts replaced with OEM Parts

Note regarding above:
In June 2021 the car failed its MOT due to a broken front spring. At that time there were no OEM springs in the country. As the car was now 16 years old and with no evidence that the struts or top mounts had been replaced during this time I decided to replace the struts, springs and top mounts front and back along with all the associated dust covers and nuts. These parts had to be ordered from Japan and took the best part of 3 months to arrive. The total cost for parts and fitting was around £3000.


A Mint set of OEM wheels that I had purchased the previous year re-painted in the OEM Enkei gold (L920). This colour isn’t available in a powder coat so they had to be wet painted.


Front and rear brake disks and pads replaced along with brake fluid.


The entire front end was re-resprayed including, bonnet, bumper, front wings, air scoop. This was done by Prospray in Warrington 

Oil Service
Spark plugs replaced
Gearbox and differential oil replaced


More details and images to follow.